torsdag 22 mars 2012

Fun stuff... these internet things.

You've might have noticed some new stuff here, we just simply added a new tab that contains useful things. Thats about it.

But while we're at it, going to talk abit about the fact that we are going to start record the EP the coming weeks. The EP - Which is NOT, in repeat, NOT; "Necromancer" - that is the newly released demo... sorry for the little mix-up, if someone got the titles or whatever mixed up haha! We have still yet to reveal the name of the EP, Why? Well, thats a good question...

A lot of work, a lot of love for music, a lot of support, and a whole history of mankind and the creative evolution has taken us here; its not a result of ambition, its not a result of what you have judged it to be or not to be, its not a result of patterned minds in a repeat cycle towards the search of Utopia or Heaven or Hell, its not whatever you already think you judged it is, and nor is it merely a result of satisfaction without misery - its just the simple humility of us, the human species, the simple truth in understanding without judgement, and a pathless land to true free human creativity, to a total freedom of our mind.

Stay real!

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